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MOGLi – Back to Nature 

According to recent statistics, North American children living in towns and cities spend less than one hour per day outside. This is completely different from the way kids would interact with their environment “back in the day.” MOGLi’s goal is to bring children back to the nature that they always belonged to!

The idea behind MOGLi Organic Kids Snacks is based on the inspiring story of Mowgli, the boy who lived in and with nature, and the snacks are an exact reflection of that. MOGLi’s warm-hearted approach to their products shares an enthusiasm for the environment and outdoors with as many children as possible, starting with their food.

MOGLi offers a wide variety of organic kids snacks that are made from quality organic ingredients. Spelt flour, agave syrup, & a wide array of organic fruits and veggies are just some unique examples of these quality ingredients. MOGLi's products serve as healthy snacks that are not only super delicious but are currently the #1 kids brand in organic trade!

The snacks start from delicious and tasty organic foods that have been taste tested by children themselves – such as the mouthwatering Organic Coconut Biscuits, or the tropical Apple, Guava, Pineapple & Coconut Moothie – and ends with unique hand-painted Mowgli themed packaging, that even includes fun activities for kids to explore. Let their creativity run wild!

Not only does MOGLi make quality organic and biodynamic healthy snacks for kids, but their whole system of production is structured in a way that is best for the environment. MOGLi’s supply chain is transparent and comprehensible, from start to finish. One example can be found in the production itself, which takes place in partnership with small, ultra-modern processing facilities that are embedded in their respective regions throughout Germany– often very close to the farms – and engaged with local issues beyond the confines of their own company. Their mission is designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible for our kids, and our future. 

Now that you’ve been intrigued by this inspiring brand that your kids will adore (and thank you for later ;) check out their delicious treats, now available in Canada. Visit to learn more! 

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