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from 4 months

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Single fruit jars, such as Apple & Peach are mild in taste and ideal when starting to wean. Along with the other varieties they can be used as part of a cereal fruit porridge after 4 months of age.

Gluten-free. Egg free. Lactose-free. Unsweetened.

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Product # 149
Manufacturer HOLLE
Compositions Cotton
Styles Casual
Properties Short Sleeve


Apple* 43 %, water, peach*21 %, apple juice concentrate** 6 %, rice semolina**

*from biodynamic farming
**from organic farming

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:

Germany / Italy


Stir before use. Start feeding 2-4 teaspoons and increase amount up to one jar.


For all Holle jars the following applies: No added sugar or salt, no milk protein, no binding agent, no yeast, no egg, no lactose, the majority of jars are gluten-free and numerous are low in allergens.

Please note:

To increase the availability of essential fatty acids we recommend fortifying with 1 teaspoon of weaning oil. When introducing solid foods begin with a few spoons and increase the amount slowly according to your baby's needs. Unused food can be kept in the closed jar in the fridge for up to two days.


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